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Christmas 2009, St George Island, FL

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas! and New Year Blessings

I have not been a good blogger this last month, so I apologize.  It was a rather slow month.  But as you can see we did advance to # 5 on the baby boy list and the baby girl wait list finally moved after months of being frozen and we advanced on this list two spots so now we are # 11!!  Yeah, we are very excited to see children across the world on the continent of AFRICA in the country of Ethiopia being connected to their forever families here in the USA!  God is a truly amazing God and I love to see HIM work.

We started our Christmas morning with gifts for our Ethiopian child.  Parker and Paeton picked out the Wonder Pets duck MING MING that sings and flies around trying to help baby animals and save the day.  Jamie and I bought a percussion pack of rhythm instruments:  bongo drum, egg shaker, tambourine etc.  Hope to be able to recreate some beautiful African music someday.  Last, my mom sent a package for her new Grandchild, "OPIE"  (she has nick named he or she) and we just wanted to say, "Thank you, Grandmother, for sharing in our joy this Christmas and remembering the one to come!"

The Worlds Greatest Husband, AKA Jamie wrote me the most loving words in my Christmas card this year.  I share them with you and hope it is heart warming for you as well. . . "Merry Christmas.  I want to thank you for challenging me this year to do more, to grow our family.  I know that is it an easy thing to be comfortable and except as is.  I am sorry that we don't have our new family member here for this Christmas.  What a great gift that would have been for us.  But I was thinking that the real gift is for the baby.  I know what a great mother you will be for him or her."  Is that not the absolute sweetest, the kindest words a husband can say to his wife.  I fell so blessed this year.   To love and be loved is a priceless treasure.  We do not have the words, or song to express our fortune we hold as heirs to His Kingdom but I am rejoicing this Christmas for all that He has done and continues to do.  May God bless you and yours like only He can this New Year!