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Christmas 2009, St George Island, FL

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beaver Creek Family Vacation

The secret ingredient being Pineapple.  After the taste test and many questions our distinguished panel of judges selected Paeton and Clayton the IRON CHEF winners for the contest with their delicious pineapple upside down cake.  It was a very close competition, Parker and Davis had received more points in the plating division, but the cake won by three points overall.

We had a terrific week, the kids loved Colorado; it was actually their first time to visit the state, we had fabulous accommodations at the lovely home of Dr and Mrs Keith Deimund, and terrific friends to make more memories with for the week, Thank you Greg, Betsy, Davis and Clayton!
Parker and Davis created a sweet rice and banana pudding layered dessert garnished with pineapple.
The last night of our vacation the kids had their IRON CHEF competition.  Paeton and Clayton made a pineapple upside down cake.
Here you see Jamie and Greg, aka, Worlds greatest Dads, with their kiddos in a grove of Aspen trees!  
This Volvo is made from LEGOS!  
Monday 2/16/09 Beaver Creek, Colorado.  First day skiing, look out, ready or not, here we come!
These haute couture hats can be yours!  They are located at the Hat store in Vail.  Models are L to R, Davis, Paeton, Clayton, and Parker.
This family photo was taken next to the ice skating rink in Beaver Creek.  Don't you just love the silly hats Paeton and I bought in Greenwich Village, NY.  Parker is the proud wearer of the iguana, Paeton has a Penguin and an elephant for myself.

Paeton's broken update

Just arrived home from seeing Dr Knight and he concours with the Vail Er DR that she needs to wear the cast for 3 weeks and then a splint.  She is the proud new owner of a purple cast that allows her more finger room which will be helpful in training for her upcoming baton competitions!  Paeton, Coach Kandi, and myself are all feeling better today after this update!  We all were a little nervous about the upcoming competitions but now are confident she will be healed and ready.  Please continue to pray for the GREAT PHYSICIAN to completely heal this fracture and keep her focused during her training as I know it will be frustrating with the cast on.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New ice skates in Beaver Creek leave Paeton broken

We have had an absolutely fabulous vacation in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  When we make it home to Cape, I will post more photos and tell you more about our time here.  However, I could not wait to tell you about our evening last night.  Greg and Jamie reserved us a sleigh ride up the mountain and intimate dinner at Beanos Cabin.  We were all really looking forward to this evening on the mountain to conclude our vacation.  Paeton and her friend Clayton had so much fun ice skating on Monday night, we told them they could go again last night before we went to dinner.  I had found Paeton a like new pair of skates of her very own to use, she was so excited!  Thirty minutes into skate time, Paeton falls and hurts her wrist.  We really did not know if it was broke or not, Jamie made the executive decision that we would go to dinner and reassess her condition after.  It was a freezing sleigh ride up the mountain, but it was a beautiful night to star gaze.  We saw Orion's Belt, Venus, and many other's.  After we arrived and hung up our coats, ready for our yummy dinner, Jamie decided to give Paeton's wrist one more check.  Yep, he found the spot, she was now crying again and in a lot of pain.  After quickly bundling up, Paeton and I rode the sleigh back down the mountain, and drove to the hospital in Vail.  The Vail ER is very efficient if you ever need to go there, you will be well cared for.  We were in and out in less than 1 hour.  That was admission, gown, x-ray, Dr review of x-ray, casting and dismissed one co-pay later!  So instead of the lovely and romantic evening my dear husband had planned, I went to the ER with Paeton.  We celebrated at Denny's over pancakes on our way back to Beaver Creek.  Paeton has a dance competition and 2 baton competitions coming up next month.(one being STATE!)  The ER DR said she actually has a buckle fracture, which is not a complete brake.  He seemed to think that she should heal in a few weeks.  We will follow up with ortho when we get home.  Please pray for her complete healing so she will be able to compete.  It is never a dull moment with her!  Love this baby girl, but I wish she could stay safe!  Thank you for standing with us in prayer for her. . . take good care!

Monday, February 16, 2009

More new friends in Colorado

We woke up early Sunday morning and drove from Denver to Frisco, Colorado, to meet Jill K and her family who were spending the weekend at Copper Mountian.  Jill and her husband David have two beautiful daughters, Phoebe and Olivia, and have adopted two handsome sons, Keddus 4yr and Nate 3 yr.  Like Paeton the night before, meeting and playing with these new friends was all the confirmation Parker needed to verify that he wants a brother!

We again were so blessed by our visit with this gracious family.  I could have sat and visited with Jill for hours.  We were blessed by so much joy watching her sons interact with Parker!

Meeting these new friends and the ones from the night before in Denver was a fantastic way to start our family vacation in Colorado!  We believe these were the first Ethiopian children we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  That's how I'll sum up the last couple of days. . . a pleasure!  Thanking God for His goodness, for blessing our family with the friends and fellowship we have shared.

Please except my apology ahead of time for any misspelling of children's names listed in the post and the previous post.

Awesome Evening in Denver

This is a picture of the adoptive/ing moms that came to the Truman's.  Left to right, Lisa (Tigist momma), Anne (just finishing paperwork will be on the IAN waiting list soon) Lydia(Yebserria and Melekemu momma), Stacey(our hostess for the evening and momma to darling Gracie waiting in Ethiopia to come home soon) and then of course yours truly, ME.  Lisa also has 2 older sons, Anne has 4 older children, Lydia has 1 older son, and Stacey has 4 older boys.  It was so amazing to have the opportunity to meet and fellowship with these families.  We as a family were so blessed by this evening!  Now I'll post some photos from the evening below.

Paeton and Tigist.  All the confirmation Paeton needed to verify she definitely wants a sister!

Tigist and Yebserria.

This honey of a boy is Melekamu!

Thank you Colorado families for your hospitality and welcoming us.  We had an amazing evening and are thankful for your kindness and friendship!

Monday, February 9, 2009

baby preacher

You just gotta love this little guy. Man he is on fire for the Lord! My sister sent this video to me last week and I just had to share it with you. I don't know what he is saying, but I wish I did. Hope he inspires you today to get on fire for Him this week. Let us not forget how awesome is the power we have when we ask "in the name of Jesus". God bless you and yours today and always

Tea Party Birthday

What a week!  My mom was in town for the whole week and we had such a terrific visit.  I was trying to think back to how long ago it must have been that we spent an entire week together. A long time ago to say the least.  She is such a huge help to me to get stuff done around the house that I have been procrastinating with.  We also gave Paeton a belated birthday party.  She has wanted to have a dress up tea party and we did it!  The girls had a blast and it was awesome to see the party unfold through Paeton's sparkling eyes.  After dining on petit fours, cucumber and eggsalad sandwiches, cashews, ribbon candy, lemon dream cookies, strawberries, chocolates, blueberry tea, mango tea and sugar cubes they sang and danced the afternoon away playing "Rockband".  Cannot believe our "little" girl is 10 years old.  Thanks again Grandmother for all of your help in making your grandaughter's birthday wish come true!