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Saturday, June 26, 2010

BIG shoes to fill

Phisher likes to put on my shoes. Feet, toes, big, small, clean, dirty . . . his foot fetish is alive and well. I watch in awe as he maneuvers and navigates my size 11 through the many obstacles in his path.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Fun!

I love this guy! He is a terrific husband and the greatest Dad! Our children are the luckiest kids in the world. He had a good Father's Day, we wanted him to feel extra special this year. So thankful for you, Jamie!
Phelix is just the sweetest little guy ever! He is still receiving physcial tx twice a week, Occupational tx once a week, Speech tx once a week and he sees his Developmental therapist once a week. All sessions are an hour and Phelix works so hard and has continued to amaze us all!
Phelix has started taking a few steps! He likes to hold onto my finger and he will walk everywhere. When we try to get him to take a few steps on his own he gets so excited and starts bouncing that he usually looses his balance : ) When he takes a few steps on his own he gets so proud of himself!
A couple of Parker's buddies brought over a spider they found in their garage. Yes I was totally freaked out, the thing was HUMONGOUS!
The two spider finders, and Parker. I say, with friends like that, who needs enemies!
Paeton loves to set up activities for the boys to enjoy. She took this sweet photo of Phelix today. Paeton got out the sleds, filled them up with water and gave the boys paint brushes to water paint with. The twins LOVE her!
Phisher taking a water break! What a fun boy! He loves to read Brown Bear by Eric Carle. Yesterday he said "Brown Bear", it was so cute! I think his vocabulary is going to explode soon!
So what do you do with a sled in the middle of June in hot, humid Cape Girardeau? Fill it up with water and you have your own personal pool!
I have posted photos of our friend, Yann before. He is an international student at SEMO University working on his master's degree in International business. His Parents were in town for a couple of weeks from the Ivory Coast, Africa and he brought them over to meet us. They speak french, but Yann is a good translator. Ms Irene is in the back, far right of this photo. Please continue to pray for her. God has recently opened up some new doors for her and her family. They still are prayerfully working on their permanent residency status.