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Christmas 2009, St George Island, FL

Friday, October 30, 2009


This is Zufi! (like Sophie but with a Z) Isn't she GORGEOUS! We love her! Zufi works as a receptionist at the Ethiopian Guest House where we stayed while we were in Ethiopia this summer. She has gone to college for nursing in Ethiopia but she can not get a job as a nurse there. She is super friendly and outgoing. She has a contagious smile. She speaks very good english. She is super smart. Zufi loves the LORD! Our family just fell in love with Zufi, she was so helpful to us while we were totally out of our element in Ethiopia with two new infant children and trying to care for our big kids who were sick. Paeton developed a very special bond with Zufi. Paeton made her a necklace and Zufi braided Paeton's hair. Paeton started asking if we could bring Zufi home with us after a couple of days. They had so much fun together.

After we arrived home our friendship continued to grow. We have decided to invite Zufi to come to the USA and visit us. As we understand it, she can obtain a visitor visa and come to stay with us for up to 1 year. Today we mailed our letters to Ethiopia, 1 to the US Embassy to invite her and request she be given a visitor visa and the other letter to Zufi, to invite her to come. We are very excited to have her with our family again, she just seems to fit with us! Would you please keep Zufi, our family, and this situation in your prayers. We are praying for the Lords blessing to bring her here and blessing her visit with our family. We are excited to share our home, our lives and America with Zufi!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Registration of Foreign Adoption

It is official today in the state of Missouri and the United States that our family grew by 4 feet this summer. Because the adoption of the twins was done in Ethiopia the US requires us to register their adoption here. They will be issued new birth certificates and it will appear they were born in the state of Missouri. We kind of think this is beside the point, because we all know they were born in Ethiopia, but this also allows for us to change their names. Tariku, is now Phisher Merritt Outman and Babi is now Phelix Merritt Outman. Merritt, being my maiden name. Their date of birth is January 25, 2009, which they share with their BIG brother Parker; who happens to think this is super cool! It was an exciting morning and we celebrated over breakfast at one of our fav little places downtown, Socials. Parker and Paeton were a little late for school this morning, they did not seem to mind. The Judge asked the BIG P's if this adoption was okay with them and if they thought it was in the best interest of our family. With beaming smiles, they said, "YES!". We have so many reasons to be thankful, but right now I am counting my blessings in my 4 children and my wonderful husband, thank you, Jesus!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Pumpkins

The BIG P's and I took the little p's to Deibolds Orchards for a little fall fun while Jamie went and sat in a tree waiting for Bambi to walk by so he could shoot his arrow through Bambi's lungs. We had a blast and came home with lot's of pumpkins. The two in the photo's below are the cutest! Tomorrow morning we have court to register our adoption here in the states and officially change the boys Ethiopian names, Tariku and Babi to their American names we have given them. Keep us in your prayers that everything is approved and final tomorrow.

Friday, October 9, 2009


You may need to turn up the sound on your computer to hear the song, Holy, Holy, Holy. The twins are watching a DVD from the praisebaby collection. This is one of their favorite gifts they have received. The DVD is approx 30 min long and includes popular praise and worship songs with images of children, colorful animation and real world objects. go here to check it out and get more info: www.praisebabycollection.com Some of the songs included on this DVD are:

I could sing of your love forever, Open the eyes of my heart, Lord I lift your name on high, Wonderful merciful Savior, Shout to the Lord, and more.

The twins love it and I love watching them raise their hands and worship their Lord! It is a great way to start the day. We love it so much I have recently ordered the other three DVD's in the collection. Be blessed.

Crawling. . . Almost

I got home last night from buying baby food and diapers and look what Jamie captured on film. He really thought Phisher was going to do it and he didn't want me to miss it : )
From a sitting position he gets himself on his hands and knees and starts rocking back and forth. The BIG P's and dad are so excited for Phisher to accomplish this milestone. I however, can wait! : ) Did I mention that I CAN WAIT! : )

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Phelix talking to Phisher

Phisher is usually the most vocal of the twins so last night when Phelix started talking and talking and talking to his brother we were so tickled! Phelix was using a very complex vocabulary, words we did not even know he knew! Enjoy this little bit of the conversation : )

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bouncing Octopus

Phelix loves this bouncy swing that you attach to your door frame. He is laughing at Paeton jumping with him and shaking her hair wildly.
His laugh is contagious and his smile could warm even the 'grinches' heart! We seriously walk around all day saying to ourselves or anyone else who will listen, "I love this little fella!"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Water Tornado

You know after you take a bath and you release the drain and the water begins to go down the drain. It reaches a certain level and then it looks like a mini tornado is whirling around your drain. Okay, you with me this far? Well Jamie showed Phisher this phenomena a couple of bath times ago and now he tries to catch it after every bath : ) Is he not just the absolute CUTEST!!