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Friday, May 29, 2009

Who Am I? Casting Crowns

Hi there, I have an update from our court date, it is good news, not exactly the news I was hoping for, but it is good and we are thankful.  We have a new court date, June 8th.  The boys mother showed up late to court.  There was a "positive opinion" rendered, which means, we passed, but not officially.  I am at peace with His timing, I really am.  I ask you to PRAISE HIM with us today for this good news and answer to our prayers that will be official on June 8th.  Thank you, for your love, your support, and most of all for your prayers and petition to our LORD on our families behalf.  

When I called my mom to tell her this update, the Holy Spirit broke through my guarded heart and and I broke and listened to HIM.  I am so overwhelmed by the Lords compassion and love for me, HIS daughter.  I love how protective of my heart He is.  I truly believe He blessed me with this "positive opinion" because He wants my full trust, my full obedience, and all of my faith in Him alone.  He is finishing a work He has begun in me.  I am humbled by HIS love and grace.  He loves me so much, He chose to complete His work in me and my heart before He trusts me with more of His work.  My Father knew that I am weak and could not have accepted a 'not pass' judgement.  With so much love and compassion, that I am not deserving of, He personally gave me the assurance of His promise to answer my hearts desire.  Please pray for me to be, "clay in His hands", that I will be sweet music to His ears alone and my heart and my will be yielded to Him alone.

This song from Casting Crowns, Who am I, keeps playing in my mind.  "Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth would care to know my name, would care to know my hurt, Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin, would look on me with love and watch me rise again, Who am I . . . I am HIS!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Everything to Me

Our local Christian radio station, KHIS 107.9, just lifted our family and our court date up on the air.  She then dedicated this song to us. . . I am humbled.  I have been preparing for my designer purse fundraiser for Sele Enat, the orphanage where the boys are.  It is being held friday 5-9 pm and saturday 10-3 at the TRENDY SPOT a local children's boutique.  The owners of this darling store are allowing me to use their store for the fundraiser and told me today they have generously offered to donate 10% of their sales this weekend to Sele Enat.  I am truly overwhelmed.  

Our court date is 5/29, yes that is tomorrow.  Ethiopia is 8 hours ahead of us, so while we sleep tonight our case will be heard.  We have put our trust in HIM alone for passing court and being assigned a quick embassy date so we can bring home the boys.  I will post tomorrow the results of court, please stand with us in prayer tonight for this request.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Muslim Demographics

Another adoptive CHRISTIAN mom asked that I watch this video and then pass it on. I just viewed this video and hope that all of you will spend the 7.5 minutes it takes to watch also. If it leaves you with a similar feeling in the pit of your stomach and a similar ache in your heart that I am feeling right now, please forward and pass it to those you know and love. As CHRISTIANS we are charged with the "GREAT COMMISSION" to spread the "GOOD NEWS" about Jesus Christ and bring others into our eternal family.  The friend who passed this on to me said of this video, "one more reason to embrace adoption and raise warrior Christians for His Kingdom."  What do you think?  What action will you take after watching this video?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Made in HIS image

These little piggies belong to Phelix!  : )  Can you believe he is wearing F R O G S !
This is a picture of Phelix sucking his thumb!  : )
This sweet smile is Phisher's!  : )
This nanny is standing over the twins crib.  We have sent them a lot of toys which are attached to their crib.  Want those little boys stimulated : )  The picture posters we made and sent with our friends last week are up on the wall too : )  We were so blessed to receive many photos of the boys from those just came home from Ethiopia.  The boys are just darling, I wish I could post their pictures, but I can't, so I will as soon as we bring them home.  We were also blessed to receive some video of the boys.  Phisher, loves attention and will smile when he is spoken to, he really enjoys looking at who is holding him.  He appears to be a very happy, honey of a boy.  Phelix was a little shy, did not show us as much personality as Phisher, but he seems to really enjoy laying next to his big brother.  He quiets when Phisher is next to him.  I am so thankful they have each other.  The recent photos we received include beautiful, oh I mean, handsome pictures of Phelix.  We are just in Ahhh over the boys.  We have been told by recent traveling parents that you FEEL the presence of God in the orphanage, that you can see the love the nannies have for all of the children, that there is a calm and happy atmosphere in the orphanage.  We are at peace knowing He is caring for the boys.  God you are good!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome home Solie-Koket

Our friends have returned home from Ethiopia with their new daughter, Solie-Koket.  We had the incredible experience of welcoming them home at the St Louis airport yesterday afternoon.  The range and depths of emotions I felt during this welcome home celebration, no words could describe.  Seeing them come around the corner, seeing them see all 17 of us (family and friends), watching as their oldest daughter, Bianca, ran as fast as she could to jump in their arms and meet her new little sister, seeing Solie's grandfather and grandmothers melt at the sight of their son and daughter holding the newest member of their family, and experiencing the love of friends emotionally taking it all in, even the children present, so full of joy at seeing the miracle they had been praying so long and so hard for, being a first hand witness to the body of Christ. . . right there in the baggage claim at the ST Louis airport. . . God you are good!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I spent the day in St Louis with a dear friend today.  We have not gotten to see each other as much as we would like recently, so we planned today, to get away, shop and have lunch, a little pre-Mother's Day gift : )  It was a GREAT day!  While in a store checking out the sales woman asked me how many children I had?  I told her I had 2 at home and 2 in Africa, and yes I pulled out my little photo album and showed her photos of the twins.  It was at this time I realized that I have 4 children!  I know that must sound funny, I've had only 2 for so long, but I am so proud to be the Mother of 4 precious gifts from the Lord this year.

I returned home and found another dear friend had sent me a note in the mail.  This dear friend, Michelle loves to make special cards, and I love receiving them, this was a real treat.  What I did not realize, was this was a Mother's Day card she had made for me, a very special Mother's Day card, with the sweetest message.  . . 

A meeting convened one day
in Heavens sacred hall.
The Ideal mother must be found
for twins so sweet and small.

She must be patient, first of all,
And kind and calm and wise.
And capable of chasing tears
away from little eyes.

She'd have to put her children first
And be so very smart
Have dedication and resolve,
A sweet and loving heart.

They all agreed you were the best
No other mom would do.
Yes, Heaven found the perfect one
And sent those twins to you!

Thank you Michelle, this is so kind.  Happy Mother's Day to all of my friends!

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 29, 2009

This will be one of the most important days in our family history!  This is the day our adoption will be heard in the Ethiopian court.  We have given power of attorney to our in-country facilitator, Abebe, and he will represent us on our behalf.  I believe that the stats are about 70% of cases pass the first time, 30% have to be heard again.  Reasons for not passing court the first time; a document missing, or incorrect document, a family member needed to be present in relinquishment cases does not show, Judge out for the day, no electricity, etc.  If all goes well and we pass court on May 29, the twin boys we have all fell in LOVE with will be legally ours and we can travel within a few weeks to pick them up.  

Won't you stand with us in prayer that everyone and everything needed (God you know all the details) for us to pass on this date, will be present in court at the time of our hearing.  In only 25 days this adoption we have been praying for could be official.  Oh, I pray it is, Lord, hear our prayers!

Thank you to all who have prayed and are continuing to pray for our sons and our journey to bring them home.  We are Fully Relying On God (FROG) for this miracle!!

Miss Majorette of Missouri

Paeton and I had an AMAZING weekend.  On Sunday, May 3, 2009, she was crowned, Miss Majorette of Missouri!  She will represent our state at the National Miss Majorette of America pageant the third week in July at AYOP National NBTA Championships in South Bend, IN on the campus of Notre Dame.  It was a tough competition, all the girls she competed against brought their A-game to this competition.  We are so happy for her, this is a huge accomplishment, she and her coach have worked hard.  I have a feeling that the 'real' training is just about to start!  Way to go Paeton, we are so proud of you!!  Your biggest fans, Mom and Dad, and your brothers!!