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Christmas 2009, St George Island, FL

Monday, August 24, 2009

Meeting the GREATS!

Parker, Phisher, Phelix and Grandma Connie
Grandpa Merritt and Phelix
Paige and Phelix
Great Grandma Jones, Warrensburg,Mo
Great Grandma Outman, St Louis, MO

I am so behind on my updates, I do not seem to find the time to sit and type on the computer anymore. At night when all have gone to bed, I am just too tired so I fall asleep because I know it won't be long and one of the twins will be calling me. When we picked up Parker and Paeton from Kanakuk Kamp, we went to Kansas City to introduce the twins to lots of relatives there. My cousin Eleanor and her family hosted a family dinner in honor of our cuties. It was so much fun to see everyone. This was the first time my dad and his wife Connie (Ihave never referred to her as my step-mom, she is way to sweet for that adjetive) met the boys too. Almost all of my cousins and their families were there, all my aunties and uncle Grant too! The twins were given so many fun gifts, toys, clothes, Boo Roo's for their boo boo's but the greatest gift was the gift of everyones time and love for our family and our newest additions! Merritt's your the BESTEST!

We then took the boys to meet their Great-Grandma Jones. Originally from the state of Maine, she now lives in Warrensburg, MO at the Veteran's home there. She is the only female resident, as she was a pioneer for women to serve in the Army. She just loved the boys and enjoyed telling all of her friends that she gets to frequently babysit, lol : )

On our drive home, we stopped in St Louis, to introduce Jamie's Grandma Outman to the twins. We enjoyed our visit with her. Jamie's Aunt and Uncle also stopped by Great-Grandma Outman's, so the twins got to meet a lot of family in a short amount of time. They love it, the more the merrier, these fellas are a party waiting to happen!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer is flying by. . .

These are the twins hanging out poolside at K-Kauai. My sister, Wendy sent them onsies that say, "when God created me, he was just showing off." And that is just the way we feel about these fellas, they are just simply the best. We are so honored that He chose us to parent and raise these little warriors for His kingdom. That He would trust us with more, and bless us this much. This is why I haven't had time to blog, I am loving and living moment to moment with my incredible, awesome and very blessed family. God you are good, all praise and glory to You!
My friend and women's director of K-Kauai, Cindy Cunningham, first told me about this lovely couple, Roger and Kari Gibson, pictured here with their darling daughter, Zoie, whom they adopted a year ago from Ethiopia. I had read Kari's blog but had not met her, but wanted to connect with her. So, Jamie and I are down on the Landing, shopping and dinning area Sunday evening and The Gibson's walk by pushing Zoie in her stroller. I have only seen Kari in photos on her blog but when they passed by, I told Jamie," that is, ERIN, who Cindy told me about, she lives here and they also adopted from Ethiopia." The Gibson's are moving, so I chase after them yelling, "Erin", Jamie see's that they do not turn around and thinks I am nuts. I tell him," it is them for sure, I know it!" And off I go again trying to chase down this family all the while yelling, "Erin, Erin, excuse me are you the Gibson's? They finally stop, I introduce myself, Jamie catches up to us with our darling boys in their limo/stroller and Kari starts to put all the pieces together (this lady is not crazy, she has Ethiopian boys, I like her but she is calling me Erin and I am not Erin, that is my sister-in-law) introduces herself, Kari, and her husband Roger and their darling daughter, Zoie. (In all fairness I met Erin, Kari's sister-in-law 2 years ago at an Angel Mom retreat, Kanakuk K-Kauai.) Long story short, they came over to visit with us at kamp and Kari and Zoie came back for a play day at the AWESOME K-Kauai pool. Kari, you are an inspiration to many, I really enjoyed the short amount of time we had together. Check out their family blog at www.simplyloveproject.blogspot.com and their new blog that will totally excite you at www.mycrazyadoption.org.
This is Parkers first year as a kamper at K-1. He invited his very best and long time (10 years) friend Cole to come to kamp this year. They are having a BLAST and learnin' and lovin' the Lord this week!
This is Paeton being introduced and welcomed by everyone at K-Kountry!

Hi there, you all all probably wondering what has been happening in the Outman household? Answer, so much good stuff! First of all everyone is fantastic! Only area that needs a little improvement would be if the twins would sleep all night, now that would be totally AWESOME! It has been a little, okay a lot rough getting up and down up and down up and down etc. with the twins all night. In their defense we have not stayed in one place too long since they have arrived home from Ethiopia. Where have we been you ask? As you know we arrived back in the USA on July 4, two weeks later, July 19-24, the four kids and I drove to South Bend, IN to take Paeton to the National Baton Twirling Championships. This is the third year she has competed at this level. It is held on the beautiful campus of Notre Dame University. Parker came along for the first time to be my help with the twins. Parker was an incredible help, I can not even begin to tell you how much help he was to me with the boys. I just want to give a big shout out to my oldest son, Parker, thanks for everything buddy, I could not have done the week of Nationals without you! Paeton did well in all of her twirling events. Needless to say, we have had a crazy busy summer and though she did train hard, it was not enough to earn the champion titles this year. Paeton continues to amaze us with her gifts, and we are very proud of all she has accomplished this twirling season!

We were home a few more days before we left to take Parker and Paeton to Kanakuk Kamps, in Branson, MO. We checked them in on thursday, July 30 and then the twins, Jamie and myself checked in at K-Kauai, Kanakuk's family kamp. Jamie served as kamp doc for the week covering 3 kamps and we also got to fully participate in all of the family kamp activities!