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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jimmy Needham - Yours To Take (Slideshow)

My friend just came home from Africa. Soon Africa will be her home. He has called her to care and grow the least of these in Swaziland. I am so happy for her and for His children there. God cares so deeply for Africa, and my friend thinks she is not worthy of serving there. She is so humble, yet she clearly heard His voice telling her that Africa is her home now. I know as much as she will be His hands and feet there, that He will more than bless her and complete His work in her life. God lives in Africa and He has called my friend there to live and work with Him. I have been weeping all day, weeping for those she will serve, for the blessing she will be, for how she will be blessed, for her faithfulness, for her trust and total dedication to the Lord and His will in her life. I heard this song in a new way today, it spoke to me of my friends time in Africa.
Dear K friend,
I know God did not need me to play a part in you finding your new home but I am so thankful He used me and has allowed me to be a part of it. I love you and I am committed to praying for you as He reveals more details to you about His plan. You are inspiring, for to do His work we must first surrender to His will and you sing to Him, "I'm Yours to take. . . "

Monday, July 5, 2010

Outman family grows by 4 feet 1 yr ago

These are the first photos we saw of the twins. March 30, 2009 our adoption coordinator called us with the referral for these sweeties!
This is Phelix.

This is Phisher. One week later we were blessed to receive these photos of the boys. Phelix is in the hospital for pneumonia.Phisher was at Sele Enat orphanage. Dr Kee Park, a physician from Cape just happened to be in the capitol of Ethiopia. Thank you Jesus!
May 5, dear friends, Eric and Chantelle traveled to pick up their daughter from the same orphanage where the twins were. They brought us back many photos of the boys and video of them. These are priceless treasures. Thank you Beckings, you are AWESOME!

We are on our way to Ethiopia, a little lay over in Dubai.
We have just arrived in Ethiopia and this woman who works for our agency in Ethiopia picked us up from the guest house where we had just checked in and brought us to the care center to meet the boys for the first time.
This is a photo of Phisher and I meeting for the first time. He was all smiles, such a happy boy! You gotta love his pink and white striped jammies, as they say, "tough guys wear PINK."
This sweetie is Phelix. Hard to believe he only weithed 6 or 7 lbs at six months. He was so tiny, but I instantly fell in love with him.
Here we are the day before we left Ethiopia to return home to Missouri. The beautiful woman with her arms around me is Hana. She runs the orphanage, her husband works to connect adoptive families to their Ethiopian children. All of the children at the orphanage call Hana and Abebe, Mom and Dad. Our family gave Hana the gold locket she is wearing. It has a picture of each of the twins in it for her.

We arrived home on July 4 th. This July 4th, we held a HUGE celebration in honor of the boys and our friends and family who prayed the twins home and have been such a huge support to our family. Thank you all, WE love you!!

Next update I will try and post photos from the wonderful celebration and a movie that a dear friend made for us of our journey to the twins. It is AMAZING!